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Web Browsing Problem because of Several Factors

HTTP Communication ( Or in Commercial Term we call Web Browsing Activities )  problems can occur because of several factors :

1.  Problems in site name resolution,
2.  Issues with the TCP connection process,
3.  HTTP request for non-existent pages or items,
4.  or  packet loss as well as congestion at the HTTP server or client.

• Sometimes, we typed wrong website address. If the name cannot be resolved,
you cannot access the site. This would generate a DNS Name Error. Important
to pay attention to DNS traffic when analysing web browsing problem.

• HTTP daemon is not running on the web server. Server may responds with TCP
RST/ACK to client’s SYN

• If the HTTP client connects successfully to the HTTP server, but then
request a page that is non-existent, HTTP 404 Not Found errors are
generated by the web browser

• Some redirection services will replace the standard 404 Not Found
with suggested links or redirect the HTTP client to another site
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