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Received Email from Exxonmobil ?

anyone has received an email from claimed they are from exxonmobil as the picture attached ? if so, please take the neccessary secure action.
as the email sounds come from, or  other not related domain to, we assume this is not a valid email we can trust. but this is more secure compare to some emails that ask for call to action to click their links. this email is asking us to response them by replying their email with an attach curriculum vita ( CV ) to them.
this might phishing activities by some parties so they can collect the target interest data for further promotions.
so what you can do is 
1. Surely never click any links given on that email.
2. Never reply the email.
3. You can report this email as phishing to your email administrator or direct to gmail team if you are using a gmail platform. ( so you will not received any email from that parties again. but other parties will come to you through different purpose.
4. last but not least, learn this patern of email phishing so you will never trap again in clicking strangers link or replying emails and provide your private and confidential details.
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