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Using Mobile Apps Securely

Using Mobile Apps Securely

Mobile Apps:

1. Tablets and Smartphones become primary technologies now as millions of apps can be choose from the market.

2. Most of the mobile apps enable us  to be more productive, instant communication, train and educate us or you can have fun with it thru games and music applications.

3. Besides these so many advantages it also comes with risks !

Some steps to securely use and maintain your mobile apps

1. First and foremost - Download any application you like from the safe and trusted source ! So you can reduce the chance from download an infected apps.

Never download from untrusted sources as these criminals can take control over your devices, read your emails, listen your conversation and harvest your contacts !

There have several platform brand for mobile apps in the market. that available to be used, such as Apple, Android and Windows Mobile.

For Apple Devices :

1. User have to download any applications from the safe and secure managed environment that is Apple Store.

2. Apple does security check of both mobile apps and their authors.

3. This such managed environment dramatically reduced the risk of installing an infected apps.

4. If Apple found an infected apps in their market it quickly remove the apps.

Windows phone uses similar approach with Apple Store.

For Android Devices :

1. Android devices also provide a managed environment, safe and trusted source for their users to download a mobile apps similar to Apple call Google Play Store maintain by Google.

2. Android also provide flexibility to their users to download a mobile apps from any platform, websites or links.

3. On the managed environment, Google Play also provide some basic security check for their apps upload to their platform.

Some Basic Security Steps for Android Users

1. Avoid to download any android apps from other platform than Google Play Store, This to prevent from installing malicious mobile apps.

2. Install Antivirus for your smartphones or tablets for additional protection.

3. Avoid to install any apps that are very brand new, just have few download and few positives comments.

4. Prevent jailbreak ( for Apple Iphone ) or rooting as i not only bypass or eliminates many of the security controls built into your mobile devices but void warranties and support contracts.

Security on permission while installing mobile Apps

1. Once installed a mobile apps, next step is to safely configured and protecting your privacy.

2. Anyone is installing / configuring a mobile apps often ask you to grant certain permission.

3. Always think and ask yourself before authorized any access.

4. Example grant permission ask is geo-location services, if you allow this means you allow the creator of the apps to track your movement.

Updating Your Mobile Apps 

1. Just likeyour computer Operating System, it must be update in order to remain current.

2. Criminals activities constantly searching and finding weakness in outdated mobile apps.

3. The often you check an updates  the better.

4. Updating mobile apps automatically is recommended.

5. If automatic update is not available, it is recommended you to check at least every two weeks.

6. Don't forget to verify any new permissions ask during new update.

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