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Why Network Firewall should have this components

Do You Know what is Network Firewall Components ?

Network Firewall Should have at least this features to control any network traffic from outside ( usually from internet ) to coming in ( usually organization internal network ) to filter what traffic can go through in and what type of network should be filtered.

firewall features
Firewall Features

Here are most of listed Components should contains in Network Firewall.

1. Interfaces
2. Vlans
3. Soft Switches
4. Zones
5. Predefined Address
6. IP address based
7. FQDN based
8. Geography based
9. Access Schedules
10. Authentications
11. Local User Based
12. Authentication Server based ( Active Directory, LDAP, Radius Server )
13. Device based
14.Configurable Services
15. IPV4 and IPV6 protocol support

On Security Profiles mostly have in firewall are :

1. Unified Threat Management (UTM) Features
2. Next Generation Firewall ( NGFW ) Features
3. Monitoring Traffic
4. Traffic Shaping
5. Firewall Schedules
6. Services ( AOL, DHCP, FTP )
7. Logging Traffic
8. Quality Of Service ( QOS )
9. Identity Based Policies
10. Endpoint Security. ( Antivirus End User or Server )
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