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Don't Pokemon and Drive - Police Singapore Advisory

[Police advisory on Pokémon GO game]

Personal safety first! Be mindful of your surroundings as you chase down that elusive Pokémon.

In light of the launch of Pokémon GO game in Singapore today, the Police urge members of the public to always place their personal safety above "catch 'em all".

The Pokémon GO craze has seen reports of accidents, injuries and even crimes in countries where it has already been launched. The Police would like to advise Pokémon GO players to enjoy the game safely and urge them to:

Personal safety first! Pokémons may be found at various locations, including water bodies. One wrong step could lead you into deep waters.

· Be aware of your personal safety when out looking for Pokémon. You should play in pairs or as a group to ensure your personal safety.

· Watch where you are walking, be aware of your surroundings and do not walk out into roads without looking.

Personal safety first! Never catch Pokémons while driving or riding any personal mobility device - it may result in an accident, injuring yourself and others.

· Do not play the game and drive any vehicle or ride any personal mobility device at the same time. You cannot do both safely.

· Do not trespass onto restricted areas and private properties. Do not take pictures of restricted areas.

· Be aware that you are potentially sharing data with others; there could be potential criminals who may seek the opportunity to lure victims to their fake “Pokéstops”.

· Educate your children to stranger-danger at “Pokéstops”.

· Never reveal your personal information and watch out for fake apps or cheat tools. Cyber criminals can access your personal data to commit fraud or hack into your phone with viruses and malware.

The Police urge all players to stay safe at all times in your search to "catch 'em all". Please do not endanger your life or personal safety.
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