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What is Network Ping, and how it works ?

What is network ping and how it works.

What is ping and how it works

Ping is the name of standard utility used to test any network or internet connections.
It used to determine other host or device can be reach across the internet or not.


ping basically use the internet control message protocol called ICMP. they sent request messages to target host or devices via network/internet connections.

Normally once ping is established it contains standard periodic intervals and also time it takes to response to arrive.

Ping to any host can give you several information as :

1. How many time to sent request
2. How large of request to sent
3. How long to wait

The result of the ping normally can gives you several information that are :

1. Ip address of the host targeted
2. Time response between request and receiving the response.
3. Error message if the host targeted did not response.
4. Network efficiency through total packet sent/received and packet lost.

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