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Beware of an Email claimed from LHDN asked for Tax Refund.

A Woman Lost Most Of Her Money After "Claimed for LHDN Tax Refund" Scam

Facebook user Michelle Lee Shi Ni shared how she became a victim of phishing as she unknowingly opened a fake site and gave all information about her bank account, causing her to lose almost all her money in that account within a few minutes.

It all started when she received an email from 'Encik Fadzli Bin Abdul Wahit', who used the email address, on a supposed tax refund from the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia (IRB), which is also known as LHDN in its Malay abbreviation.

According to the email, Lee had an overdue tax refund and she was directed to click on a link in the email in order to receive the refund.

"claimed for LHDN Tax Refund" Scam
"claimed for LHDN Tax Refund" Scam

content seems legitimate from LHDN Malaysian Tax Organization

"claimed for LHDN Tax Refund" Scam
"claimed for LHDN Tax Refund" Scam

She then clicked on the blue 'Proceed' link in the email, and she was directed to a page with logos of banks. At that particular webpage, she was instructed to select the bank and follow the instructions given.

"claimed for LHDN Tax Refund" Scam
"claimed for LHDN Tax Refund" Scam

"After I selected CIMB Bank, I was directed to CIMB Clicks. I keyed-in my username and password and was then asked to type in the TAC Number," Lee said in her Facebook post.

"A few minutes later, I received an SMS from CIMB saying that almost all my money in the bank account was transferred out to a person whom I don't even know!"

I then called the CIMB customer service hotline, I have been informed that the transfer limit for my account was increased and the money in her account was subsequently transferred out.

"I was so shocked as both acts were not carried out by me! The only thing I saw on CIMB Clicks was just the page to type in the username and password. I didn't even click on the transfer page nor the increase transfer limit page."

Following that call, CIMB had blocked my account and was advised me to lodge a police report on the matter.

Final note to everyone is, Even though I have always read about internet scams, but  I never thought that I would one-day fall victim to it. So be careful, it can happen to anyone. - facebook victim - lhdn statement

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