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IT Security Advisory 2019

IT Security Advisory 2019

IT Security Advisory 2019

may caused information leakage loss, service disruption and integrity of information being compromised.

All operating systems, web servers and online services

Individuals and Organizations are advised to take the following steps

1. Update your critical assets with the latest security patches and updates.
2. Warn your users not to open or click on unsolicited emails and links with/without attachments.
3. Ensure that anti-virus/anti-malware signatures are up to date and functioning, either the free version or paid version.
4. Review your user credentials list for any new additional unknown users.
5. If you suspect that your servers have been compromised, reset and change all usernames and passwords.
6. Perform hardening on all of your Internet-facing applications.
7. Monitor your environment closely for any anomalies.
8. Make sure your backup data is updated and back up at separate place either hard drives of IIUM google cloud.
9. Shutdown your workstations before leaving your office for the holidays.
10. Make sure the loggings of systems and servers are always enabled.

We sincerely hope everyone can implement these guides as it can protect your data, websites, computers, laptops, and the IIUM network from being compromised by hackers.

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