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[ Video ] How Ransomware Works

How is Ransomware Works

how ransomware works
How Ransomware Works

There are many different forms of ransomware so the nature of the intrusion will depend upon the motives of the criminal who creates this type of malware.

Generally, the intruder creates a malicious code just like they would to create other types of malware.

But this ransomware code is specifically designed to take control of your computer and then hijack all of your files.

The files are then placed in an encrypted format so you cannot access to them directly as usual.

Following encryption of your files, you will most likely receive a demand for monetary compensation or other similar threat in return for your hijacked files.

Some times the monetary amount is small and other times it can amount to hundreds of dollars.

The intruder profits even if the amount is small due to the number of computers they are infecting with ransomware.

The demand for money is often requested to be paid through an online service such as PayPal and some intruders even go as far as asking for a money order to be sent to an address where you are unable to track them down. If you fail to pay, the intruder is capable of creating additional malicious code that will destroy the content of your PC a little bit at a time until you pay up.

Here is an example of the video for how ransomware works and it infected at tablet pc !!

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