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How to keep my Facebook Account Secure ??

How to keep my facebook account secure ?

How to keep my facebook account secure

Facebook have several features that you should know on how it can help to protect your facebook account and also what you need to avoid.

1. Passwords - how to create more secure passwords

2. Logging out facebook - when should i logging out of my account.

3. hacked Accounts - what should i do if my facebook account has been hacked by someone else.

4. Spam - Spam can be status post, facebook private message or even a friend request.

5. Login Alerts ! - How do i know if someone else logged into my account

6. Phishing - How do i recognize attempts to steal my facebook account password

7. Login Approvals - How to i keep others from logging into my accounts

8. How you are protected by facebook.

9. Trusted Contacts - know your facebook contact very well

10. Information Request - how does Facebook handles any information request by Government.

11. Where You Are Logged in.- what computer, laptop or even browsers you are using.

more information and detail explaination on above please refer here

Facebook security info for everyone.

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