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How to make my computer faster

How to make my computer faster

how to make my computer faster
How to make my computer faster

Why is my computer so slow?  

There are several reasons why your computer might not be running at it’s optimal speed.

Let’s start with what you’ve got running in the background…have a quick look on,

how many applications do you have open,
how many internet windows do you have open?
how many unused files and folders that actually you are not used in your pc ?

Now, are all of them really necessary? If the answer is no to any of them then close it,

Obviously that’s not going to fix the issue completely, but there are a good start. The good news is there are a even more easy things you can do to keep your computer healthy and happy, and running at top speed.

Here are just a few tips on how to get it back up to speed

Here are your 5 Quick Tips for speeding up your computer:

1. Delete cookies and temporary files from your internet browser frequently.

here is an instruction on how to delete cookies and temporary files for google chrome, windows internet explorer, mozilla firefox, apple safari and opera internet browsers.

2. Run your antivirus at least once a week to make sure no malware snuck into your computer system. and make it your pc slow.

3. Keep your antivirus, Software and your Operating system up to date.

4. Limit the amount of programs that run automatically when you start your computer

5. Delete files you don’t need. Remove gadgets you don’t use.

here also have some step by step intruction you can follow on how to make your computer faster.
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