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[Video] what is internet Phishing

Phishing is the illegal attempt to acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details

Why Phishing is always use for a method of hacking.

Its a type of social engineering, where mostly its a last defence and most weakness in most organization.

Phishing is a continual threat that keeps growing to this day. The risk grows and expand even larger, not just in emails, sms, whatsapp and telegram, it also spread into social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. ( through trending topics )

Hackers commonly use these sites to attack persons using these media sites in their workplace, homes, or public in order to take personal and security information that can affect the user and the company (if in a workplace environment).

Click the Phishing links 

when  this occurs the hacker has the chance to access the personal information such as passwords, usernames, security codes, and credit card numbers among other things.

Example of other phishing activities

1. financial phishing video

2. phishing at gmail

3. oil and gas phishing email

4. sms phishing

5. maybank2u phishing mail

6. maybank2u phishing on android (that already infected by zeus )

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