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Phishing Links : Check it Before you Click it

Received Phishing Email links ? Make sure you Check it before you Click it

Here is an example of Phishing Email received 

Phishing Email Claims from Nationwide Express

can you see the links behind the text spelling ? it shows bla bla bla

Phishing Email Claims from Facebook Technical Support

Phishing Mail Claim from IIUM Community

picture above phishing email using template very similar as Facebook. Seems legitimate, but when you see the links it shows bla bla bla....

let we check both ( recommended website you can use to check the safety of any phishing link is using



another site you can use to double check is

1. using google safe browsing - but google safebrowsing is less precise.

below is an example of phishing email look alike from international company

Example of other phishing activities

1. financial phishing video

2. phishing at gmail

3. oil and gas phishing email

4. sms phishing

5. maybank2u phishing mail

6. maybank2u phishing on android (that already infected by zeus )
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