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The Difference between Spam Email and Phishing Email

The Difference between Spam Email and Phishing Email

Spam, or junk mail, is unsolicited email that tries to sell you a product or service, such as the “latest and greatest” diet pill or some form of “cutting edge, high-quality” software.

  Spammers send their messages to hundreds, thousands or even MILLIONS of email addresses at once with the hopes that at least a few people will respond.

While, Phishing email, on the other hand, is a specific type of spam that tries to trick you into giving your personal information, like your Login ID and Password or credit card number.

For example, the message might say something along the lines of “if you don’t provide your login ID and Password immediately, your account will be deleted!”.

Supplying a phisher with your information puts you at risk to a number of negative consequences, from hundreds of thousands of spam emails being sent from your email address, to even more serious issues like bank or cell phone accounts being opened in your name.
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