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What are Exploit Kits.

What are Exploit Kits.

Exploit kits are toolkits used to exploit security holes. Purposedly to spread malware. These toolkits come packaged with exploit codes. These exploit kits target software such as

Adobe Flash,
Microsoft Silverlight,
Internet Explorer

and other software that are commonly installed and used.

Which devices it infected ?

Computers that are using outdated software/applications are also at high risk. There are a number of ways on how exploit kits arrive in a computer. is known to spread via spam and malicious ads.

Blackhole exploit kit is one of the popular exploit kits exist.

When an exploit kit successfully exploits an insecure software in your computer, the typical payload is the installation of another malware.

This elevates the risk of the computer and its user.

This also can be an introduction of another malware may lead to other threats such as installation of a spyware or an info-stealing malware.
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