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Using Cloud Services Securely

Cloud is a type of online services and one of the powerful technology that is both people and organization are rapidly adopting.

Generally to use this Cloud Services, user have to it through service provider on internet to store and manage data for you. advantage is you can easily manage your data from multiple devices anywhere in the world.

you can simple share the information to the person you want.

The reason maybe it call cloud is you did not know where actually you data is stored physically. Examples of cloud services are Google Docs, Dropbox, Amazon Cloud, Apple's Cloud and other providers provide these online services.

Choosing a Cloud Service Provider :

There have at least 4 Frequently Ask Questions FAQs to be consider before selecting a Cloud Service Provider :

1. Support : Surely how easy to get questioned answered.

2. Simplicity :

How Easy to use the Cloud Services ? Because too complex can caused too many mistakes.

3. Security : How will your data being transfered from your computer to the cloud services. is it secured connection by encryption ? How the data will store in the cloud ? is it encrypted ? if encrypt who can decrypt your data ?

4. Terms of Services : Take time to read this and Confirm who can access
your data and what your legal rights.

After Selecting the Cloud Services What to do ? :

1. Authentication : Use Strong Passphrase to your Cloud Account

2. Sharing Files/Folders : The Cloud makes any data on it very simple to be share with others, just clicks away. make sure you click the share folders to the right person only. Make sure your cloud provider provide data that can track who have access to your files and folders.

3. Sharing File and Folders using Links :

This is a feature that Cloud Services have, The ability to create a web link that points to your files and folders. This feature can simply provide you a web links so you can share the links to anyone that you want to share the files.

So anyone that have this link, can just access your files and folders.Make Sure you disable the link when there have no longer used.

4. Settings :

First and Foremost understand the Security Settings. Example : If you share a folder to your friend, can they share the folders with others ?

5. Antivirus : Make Sure antivirus installed in your computer is up to date so you are not putting an infected data on the cloud ! So when other people access to that data also they not get infected.

6  Backup : Backup your data by your own ! Even Cloud Provider backing up your data, you also have to do on your own so anythoing happen to cloud provider, or you can't access the cloud for some technical reason, you have your own backup.

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