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Advisory for 900 million qualcomm android users that affected to quad rooter vulnerability !

900 million qualcomm android users affected to quad rooter vulnerability !

as latest reported by checkpoint security research that, 900 million qualcomm android users
is exposed to 4 critical vulnerabilities on their android devices.

mobile vulnerability
Quad Rooter vulnerability
1. left picture side is android devices with qualcomm chipset either snapdragon or "draggonfly".
2. right picture side  is the result with other chipset.

to read more about the vulnerability and effect you can read it here

Some of the latest and most popular Android devices found on the market today use these chipsets, including:

oppo F1
BlackBerry Priv
Blackphone 1 and Blackphone 2
Google Nexus 5X, Nexus 6 and Nexus 6P
HTC One, HTC M9 and HTC 10
LG G4, LG G5, and LG V10
New Moto X by Motorola
OnePlus One, OnePlus 2 and OnePlus 3
Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung S7 Edge
Sony Xperia Z Ultra
Xiaomi Phones !

Here is Best Security Practice can be consider for all android users especially qualcomm users

Unfortunately, reasonable solutions require coordination and
standardization across the industry. Until then, Check Point continues to
recommend these best practices to keep your Android devices safe:

1. Download and install the latest Android updates continual basis.
These include important security updates that help
keep your device and data protected.

2. Understand the risks of rooting your device – either intentionally or
as a result of an attack.

3. Avoid side-loading Android apps (.APK files) or downloading apps
from third-party sources. Instead, practice good app hygiene by
downloading apps only from Google Play.

4. Carefully read permission requests when installing apps. Be wary of
apps that ask for unusual or unnecessary permissions or that use
large amounts of data or battery life.

5. Use known, trusted Wi-Fi networks. If traveling, use only networks
you can verify are provided by a trustworthy source.

6. Consider mobile security solutions that detect suspicious behavior on
a device, including malware hiding in installed apps

Patches for google nexus phone android has launch a partial security update here

for other devices Google expect to roll out by september 2016.
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