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Online Shop Scam : Beware of Fake Maybank Receipt !!

 Beware of Fake Maybank Receipt Services provided online !!

To those sellers, especially involved in shopping online. There have a services offer to edit a maybank payment slip. this kind of services is targeted to buyer who want to cheat a seller by providing a cheated receipt to the seller so they can get the goods or services provide by seller for free of charges.

maybe seller that dont have time to double check the payment through the bank account assume the receipt provide by buyer is legitimate. so they proceed to precess the buyer order.

so this posting is to remind us to beware when to shopping online. there have not only cheated seller, there also have a cheated buyer.

Fake Maybank  Receipt

Some prevention tips proposed are :

1. make sure buyer upload infront and back of the receipt
2. most prevention step is double check in your account and make it tele with the uploaded receipt.

source by facebook Diena WOng

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