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How to Identify Phishing Email Structure

how to identify the phishing email structure ?

when we received and email we will read it from the title until the footer. So, now how we want to identify either this is phishing mail or not. let say the organization is

1. from a picture above number 1 shows a source email address. it means from who the email come from. in the circle you can see the address. that is the genuine address. but, the hacker modify the name to confuse the recepient it use SERVER DESK

2. hacker start with GENERAL NOTICE ,  supposely the iium community should know what is the normally word is using among the community

3. Pointing a mouse ( NOT CLICKING) to CLICK HERE shows this url webmail-iium-edu-my.bravesites dot com it is not from iium community domain. it is an externally domain. it seem SUSPICIOUS

4. ending sentences normally use a name of unit in the organization.

maybe you are new staff working in your organization, so you are not familiar with communication style, procedure in any changes and domain reference. what so ever the procedure if it involves your credentials username or password you should call the service center.


another site you can use to double check is

1. using google safe browsing - but google safebrowsing is less precise.

below is an example of phishing email look alike from international company

Other structure of Phishing Mail


Example of other phishing activities

1. financial phishing video

2. phishing at gmail

3. oil and gas phishing email

4. sms phishing

5. maybank2u phishing mail

6. maybank2u phishing on android (that already infected by zeus )

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